A carefully organized and rich classroom environment serves as the foundation for our
curriculum. In doing so, it invites children to learn, observe, make choices and try new things. Our goal is
to nurture children’s social, emotional, language and intellectual development. This helps them become
enthusiastic, self-confident, independent thinkers who feel good about themselves and secure in the
worlds around them.

Our lesson plans are based on age appropriate activities, materials and developmental stages.

Your Child’s Day

Busy Bees is open from 6:30a.m- 5:30 pm. Parents are to personally escort their child into the
center each morning. Parents are expected to sign their child in, put away their child’s items, put lunch
boxes in the refrigerator and to inform staff of any information needed.
In the afternoon, Parents must sign their child out for the day, take any items needed from the
cubby, take lunch box, and inform the child’s teacher you are leaving.

Parents are to provide a healthy breakfast, lunch, snack and drinks for your child each day.
Children who arrive before 8:00 a.m. should bring a breakfast and a drink. If arriving after 8:00
a.m., please make sure your child has already eaten breakfast at home.

Please bring your child’s food in a soft sided lunch box labeled with their name. We can heat up
a child’s lunch if necessary. Please make sure all food containers and cups are labeled with your child’s
name to ensure that they return home to you. We have bibs, utensils, and regular cups for use at the

Parents of infants are required to provide all infant food, formula, breast milk, bottles (no glass)
and snacks for the day. We will heat bottles when necessary. Please make sure all items are labeled.

Please dress your child in comfortable play clothes for active and sometimes messy play. We ask
parents to keep two (2) complete changes of clothing at the center in case of need. This consists of
pants, shirts, socks and underwear. Infants and toddlers may need several changes. Please make sure all
clothes are labeled with your child’s name.

For cold winter days, please be sure to have hats, mittens, snow pants and boots. We try to get
outside every day, weather permitting.

Slippers are welcome to be kept at the center so children do not have to wear their shoes all
day. Please make sure these are labeled as well.

Your child may bring a soft “resting friend” to be used during nap time. We ask that all other
toys be kept at home as they can be distracting or difficult to share. Items may be brought on special
share days. Please do not let your child bring jewelry, money, gum, candy or dangerous items to the

After a full morning of activities, the children are required to rest on their cots for part of the
afternoon. They may either lie quietly or sleep. A crib sized sheet and weather appropriate blanket are
to be brought in. A favorite “resting friend” or pillow may also be used. At the end of your child’s week,
the bedding is to be brought home, laundered and returned the following week.
Infants rest at their own convenience. A pack and play sheet fits our cribs the best.
Unfortunately, we are not allowed to have crib bumpers, soft toys or pillows in our cribs per the state.

Birthdays are fun to celebrate at the center. Please let us know in advance if you will be bringing in
something special to share so we can plan accordingly. We ask you to please be sensitive to children
with allergies.

Occasionally, Busy Bees may want to go outside of the center for a field trip. All parents will be notified,
with plenty of notice, and all proper documentation and permission must be attained. Parent
chaperones are always needed.