Our Philosophy & Mission


Busy Bees Learning Center’s philosophy is that children learn best by doing. Since young children
learn through play, they need opportunities to handle materials, experiment, explore, interact with
others, think and participate in a safe, engaging environment.

We understand that each child is an individual and should be able to grow at their own pace. We
believe children should be children so that they can learn and grow by their mistakes through enjoyable,
positive and meaningful experiences.


Busy Bees offers a learning environment for children and working families by offering quality
care and educational programs with an emphasis on active learning, social service and parent


  • Provide developmentally appropriate programs and activities for children.
  • Help children develop sensitivity and respect for others.
  • Form partnerships with families and support families parenting skills.
  • Offer family guidance and support through community resources based upon their interest and/or need.
  • Recruit and retain a diverse teaching staff.


  • Incorporate training plans for staff so that early childhood development is ongoing and based on current information.
  • Model behavior that is desired among others.
  • Explore and implement a multi-cultured and anti-bias curriculum.
  • Maintain an open line of communication between teachers, families and director through daily note taking, newsletters and verbal contact.