Preschool Program

(3 years – 5 years old)
The preschool program is 10 children to 1 teacher.
Structured with a daily schedule and weekly lesson plan.

Children will enjoy various activities that are designed with age appropriate ideas and materials
in mind. Activities include circle time which consists of attendance, weather observation, job helpers,
calendar, books, songs, and information about the lesson plan being learned that week. They will also
engage in art, science, math, sensory, writing activities and dramatic play. Our goal is to have the older
preschoolers ready to attend Kindergarten with knowing how to spell their full name, know their
numbers up to 10, know their shapes and colors and any other important Kindergarten knowledge

Preschoolers go out in the morning, weather permitting for a quick wiggle jiggle time to get all
the energy and sillies out to be able to come back in and start circle time. They will go outside again
before lunch to play. Outside activities include bikes, swings, slides, climbers, push toys, ride on toys,
science activities, dramatic play in the houses, balls, and a garden in the spring/summer.

Breakfast is at 8:00 am, Lunch is at 11:30 am and snack is at 3:00pm. Preschoolers are expected
to be able to eat their lunch with utensils and use a cup without a cover. We have utensils, plates and
cups for the children’s use if needed.

Preschoolers have a nap period between 12:30- 2:30. A sheet and blanket are required. A pillow
and resting friend are optional. A child must rest on their cot for at least an hour. If they no longer take
naps, after that hour, they are then allowed to come to the table and do quiet activities until the other
children are awake.