Toddler Program

(15 months-35 months)
The infant program is a ratio of 8 infants to 2 teachers.

This room is structured with a daily schedule and weekly lesson plan. Toddlers will enjoy age
appropriate activities such as, singing, dancing, reading, art, sensory, science, dramatic play, sensory,
and blocks to name a few.

Toddlers go outside every day, weather permitting. Please make sure they have the proper
outwear each day and dress accordingly. Toddlers do tend to get messy, so have the children come in
comfy clothes that can get dirty. Activities outside are cars and trucks, ride on toys, sand and sand toys,
balls, climbers and slides.

Toddlers are encouraged to eat with utensils and be able to feed themselves.
Breakfast is at 8:00 am, lunch is at 11:30am and snack is at 3:00pm. Please provide a soft sided
lunch box with their name on it. All cups and containers inside should be labeled as well. We have bibs,
utensils, plates and cups for the children’s use if needed.

Toddlers will have a rest period on cots from 12:30-2:30. A sheet and blanket are required. A
pillow and resting friend is optional.

To transition to the Preschool Room, your toddler must be 3 years of age, potty trained, able to
eat with utensils and drink from a cup without a cover.